Q&A With My Niece Zanne

Q: How old are you?
A – 2017: 3, shows with 3 fingers

Q: What do you like most about school?
A- 2017: Building blocks

Q: What do you like least about school?
A – 2017: I don’t like to sleep

Q: What sport do you play?
A – 2017: Uhh

Q: Who is your best friend and why?
A – 2017: Xander no wait, Xander is my boyfriend my best friend is Harmoné

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A – 2017: A Princess

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
A – 2017: No answer. Here she had enough of all the questions and walked away or maybe she just didn’t want to give her secrets away, because while on holiday in Cape Town, Zanne was sleeping and when she woke up she was very upset. She started flicking her hands like Spiderman does when he wants to shoot webs from his wrists. “What’s wrong?” we asked “The Bergens (from the Troll movie) stole my powers.” she cried. We thought she was joking, but she wasn’t, she was very serious and very upset. I hope she gets her powers back soon

Some More Funny Things Zanne Had To Say When She Was Younger:

I Look so Pretty Xander will Kiss Me (2016)

My mom  has just finished painting Zanne’s nails when she looks at me and said: “I look so pretty now Xander (her “boyfriend” at school) will kiss me if he sees me now

I Still Have Muscles (2016)

I was talking to Zanne on a video call when she asked if she could speak to Nate, my godson.  I told her that he was sleeping. He got an injection to prevent him from getting measles. Now measles sounds a lot like muscles in Afrikaans.  Zanne immediately made a muscle, looked at me and said: “I still have my muscles”

No Wi-Fi (2015)

Zanne (3) wanted to watch Youtube videos. She kept asking everyone if she could use their phones, but everyone kept coming up with excuses. Finally, she found a fake cell phone and decided to play with that instead.  While sitting on my lap, I asked her if I could see her phone. She looked at me, put the phone in her shirt (like my mom does) and said – I’m sorry but my phone has to be charged first and I do not have wifi at the moment.

I Got It From My Daddy (2015)

On their way to grandma’s house, Zanne was getting a bit “restless” and didn’t want to sit down. Her dad told her that she better sit down. Why is she being so naughty? Zanne listened to her dad but as she sat down, she looked at him and said: “I got it from my daddy.”

I’m not Zanne, I’m Annie (2015)

Zanne (3) throws a puzzle out on the floor.
Grandma: Zanne, pick up the puzzle.
Zanne: I’m not Zanne, I’m Annie.
Grandma: Annie, please pick up the puzzle.
Zanne (Annie): Why, should I pick it up, Zanne threw it out.

I Got in Trouble for Tipping A Chair (2015)

Zanne (2): Teacher hit me today
Mom: Why?
Zanne: I tipped a chair over
Mom: How can your teacher hit you, just for tipping a chair over?
Zanne: Maybe because Xander was still sitting on the chair.

Snot en Trane (Tears) (2015)

Zanne (2) is crying.  Her mom goes to comfort her and wipes her nose.  While wiping her nose, Zanne starts laughing.  Confused, her mom asks: “Now why are you laughing all of a sudden?”  Zanne answers: “Mamma, want nou huil ek regtig snot en trane” (Now I’m really crying snot and tears)

I Want To Kiss A Crocodile (2015)

Driving in the car we start talking about crocodiles and how you can now do crocodile cage diving. Zanne (2) asks if we can please take her to go see the crocodiles. She has never seen a crocodile before. I ask her why does she want to see a crocodile. Zanne: “I want to kiss a crocodile”

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