From the Author: Missing in Action by Mark Davidson

In so many ways, the church has become nothing more than an institution that is run by a person or a group of people, according to their experience. The way things are done also often falls in line with the way things have traditionally been done.

It is important to know that experience doesn’t count for much in God’s eyes. If it did then He made some serious mistakes in the past!

The Slave Who Spent Time in Jail

Joseph was one of the youngest in a very big family. He wasn’t particularly popular with his siblings. His own brothers sold him as a slave to Egyptians. Even though he was innocent, he had a criminal record. He spent a long time in jail. Joseph was not exactly the type of guy with the necessary experience to become prime minister of a very powerful country, but that’s exactly where God placed him.

The Orphan Who Murdered Someone

Moses was an orphan who murdered someone. He ran away because he was afraid of being caught. He ended up being a shepherd in a dry and barren place for his father-in-law. Moses was still living with his parents-in-law at the age of almost 80. He wouldn’t strike us as someone with much ambition or success in life. In spite of his lack of experience and expertise, God used Moses to go to Pharaoh, the most powerful person on earth at the time, and confront him about the Israelites who were in slavery.

300 Men Fight and Win a Battle Against 100 000+ Soldiers

What are the chances that anybody would feel comfortable for a farmer to lead them into a battle? Let alone the fact that you only had 300 guys on your side. The side that you are fighting against has more than a 100,000 trained soldiers. God didn’t need a trained soldier to lead His people, instead, he used Gideon.

Why Doesn’t God Need Experience?

The reason why God doesn’t need experience in a person that He uses is that God is the one doing all the doing in our lives, not us. He is the one who “makes it happen” and we are merely His instruments. It happens because of His power and authority, not because of our ability and experience.

Experience is very important when it comes to many things.  There is no way that I am going to allow someone to operate on me who doesn’t have the training, experience and the letters Dr in front of their name.

There is certainly no way that I am going to remain seated in an Airbus before take-off, when the person who will be flying the plane, has never been inside an airplane before.

But God works differently. According to 1 Corinthians 1:25, God’s plans and His way of doing things are very different and much wiser than our ways.

If God could use these inexperienced people to do very significant things for Him, then why would He stop now?


Mark Davidson
Teacher, Author, Pastor and
Encourager from Australia



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