Dogs Are A (Wo)mens Best Friend


Growing up I always had a pet, it was normally a dog or two but every now and again my mom would show up with an animal that she rescued or got from someone else.

She loves animals and I’m surprised she has never thought of buying a big plot where she could keep as many animals as she wanted.  We had ducks, chickens, and even a sheep for a couple of days before my mom found someone that could take it to a farm. A big old tortoise also found its way into our yard and then there were the bunnies and even rabbits.

My cousin who lived on a farm said he was going to bring me some bunnies; he arrived with 9 wild rabbits. I remember chasing them around in our house, but my mom told him he had to take them back we can’t keep wild rabbits, they needed to be in the wild where they had space to run.

We also had birds – the one could whistle the Afrikaans song “Jan Pierewiet” and of course cats.  A little boy brought us a black cat, it wasn’t the prettiest cat, so no-one wanted it and so Enzo became part of our family.

My first two dogs were called Rupert and Lorette. They were beautiful, well-mannered Boxers. They won many awards at dog shows. I could ride on their backs; I was still very small when we had them and they would walk around in front of our house and never went into the street or off the pavement, but they also didn’t let any strangers in.

One day while I was at crèche and my mom and dad at work, a thief entered our backyard.  The dogs heard him and chased him. He jumped up into the elevated grapevine and there he remained with the dogs’ right underneath him until we finally got back home later that evening.  The police were called and the man was escorted away.

Our beautiful Boxers passed away years later of old age. We never had such well-mannered dogs again.  After that, we had an Alsatian, a very naughty mix-breed dog, that ate the corn I planted and was so proud of and a Husky with the most beautiful blue eyes.

We also had a dog that was a mix between an Alsatian and a Husky. I have never seen a cuddlier, cuter puppy than this dog. His name was Luboff. Luboff wasn’t a very obedient dog and we had to on many occasions run after him when he got a chance to slip out the gate, but he was very good when it came to protecting his family. He wouldn’t let strangers come close to us, while he was around.

One day I was hanging up curtains in my room when I heard Luboff barking like mad.  I turned around and looked out my window. A guy had managed to climb onto the wall next to my room and he must have hit Luboff with a long stick and then use it to close the gate that was preventing Luboff from getting to the section that went passed by my room and out to the front of the house.

Luboff didn’t make a sound while the guy was on the wall, or when he closed the gate but when he saw me and that the guy was trying to climb into my window he started barking and jumping up against the gate trying to break it down or jump over. I have never seen him that “vicious” – he looked like a wolf and if he had managed to break that gate down I’m sure there would not have been anything left of that guy.

The guy kept on coming and I tried to fend him off while calling my dad, not knowing that they weren’t there, luckily my sister heard me and came running and when he saw her storming into my room he grabbed my phone and ran away.

If it wasn’t for Luboff I wouldn’t have even known the guy was there.  After that incident, some other people reported incidents they had with that same guy as well. He was seen running through a field not too far from our house and held a young boy up with a knife; he also broke into another house in our street and put a knife through the woman’s hand while she was watching television.

Another dog we had while we had Luboff was a little Jack Russell that I bought for my nephew. It was the most beautiful Jack Russell I have ever seen.

We called him Jack and he had real “attitude” like most Jack Russell’s do. My grandma went with me when I went to pick Jack up.

When I got home and I showed my two-year-old nephew, his new puppy, he just went “a wa-woof, a wa-woof”, he was so excited, it was so cute.  He loved the dog and they played so well together. Jack and Luboff also really got on well.

At the moment I live in a flat and am not allowed to have pets, but if I ever move into a house again, I’m definitely getting myself a dog or two and if it’s a house with a very big yard I might even get more – everyone should have a dog if they can look after it – a dog really is a (wo)mans best friend


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