Rina Davidson – 80 and Very Happy With Life

Today, 8 August 2018 is my aunt Rina Davidson’s 80th birthday.  A while back I asked her to tell me a little bit about her childhood and life in general – here’s what she told me:


I have so many wonderful childhood memories and they are all like precious pearls to me.  How can I ever forget, 60 Warren Street in Kimberley? We played so many games in the streets.  I think if I would have to name all the games that we played, the children of today would have no idea what I was talking about.

I went to Gladstone Primary and just before guy fawkes, my classmates dared me to throw a cracker at our teacher while she was writing on the blackboard. She got the fright of her life and I had to bear the consequences… Our headmaster at my primary school made a real impact on me – he understood children so well.

My high school years I spend at Kimberley Girls High. I remember how a teacher once asked me what my fathers’ occupation was and I replied: “He is a tired teacher” instead of retired – the whole class burst out laughing.

My favourite restaurant growing up used to be Johnies Fish & Chips. We went there every Saturday for lunch. I also loved the O.K. Bazaar. I could spend hours there with my mother and after shopping, we always had a cold drink or ice cream.

I remember learning to drive in a green nomad.  I taught myself to drive in a little mining town with the name Koegas.

Family Life

I am a widow, my husband passed away many years ago. I also lost a son, John. He was my eldest. My other sons are Bryan, Mark, and Raymond.Sons

Bryan works for a lift company. He is married to Leigh.  Mark is married to Bev and is a teacher in Australia. My youngest son Raymond is a manager at Nando’s in Kimberley.

I have five grandchildren. Keegen (John’s son), Jaryd & Roxanne (Bryan’s children) and John and James (Mark’s sons). I’m also a proud great-grandmother, thanks to Roxanne and Rynaldo.

I would love my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to remember me as a Ouma who loved them but above all that she loved Jesus.

broers-en-sustersI am the youngest of seven children – three brothers and four sisters.  When I think of my eldest brother Jan, I see him riding his bicycle to work with his little lunch holder on the back.  Chris, use to always send me postcards when he was in the war and in my eyes my youngest brother Hendrik was the best driver in the whole world.

When it comes to my sisters, I will never forget the holidays we spent on my eldest sister Innis’s plot at Withok and we use to call my sister Sybil’s house in 39 Halkett Road – Germiston, because they always had visitors and everyone was always welcome. I also have some wonderful memories of my sister Murdoch on their big farm in Kuruman.

I can’t remember my grandparents too well, but my mother and father were the most wonderful parents’ anyone could wish for.  They were my role models and taught me more by their lives than their words.  My father always use to say when he sees a beggar: “That could have been me if it was not by God’s grace”

I miss my parents and wish I could have dinner with my father or mother so that I can ask them what heaven really looks like


My very first job was on the railways. I then worked as a window dresser at Foschini and I also worked at the Hub in Durban and as a manager at the Spar in Kimberley.  My favourite job, however, was at Trevenna Spar, where I worked as a receiving manager.

These Days

These days I’m on pension and I love every minute of it.  I get up every morning at about 4 o’clock and start my day with the Lord. I then have a cup of coffee and get back into bed. The rest of the day I take as it comes.  My motto in life is, to always try and see others through the eyes of Jesus

At my age, I am very happy with my life. A while back, I  went with my children to the Eastern Transvaal (Mpumalanga) and there in nature I again stood in awe at the wonder of it all and the greatness of the Creator.

If I could master one skill I don’t have right now it would be to learn to paint nature so that I can show others the Creator in nature through my paintings.  I would also love to be able to play the pan flute – it is so calming.


One of my easiest and quickest recipes to make is a Granadilla Cold Drink.  Mix 1 cup granadilla pulp, 1 kg sugar, enough water to dissolve the sugar, 1 grated pineapple and 1 bottle of oros. Mix well, Serve cold.

This Makes Me Smile

A story that always makes me smile – “A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because his throat is very small.  The little girl insisted that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.  Irritated the teacher said that a whale could not swallow a human it is impossible. The little girl then said, when I get to heaven I will ask Jonah.  The teacher said, but what if Jonah went to hell. On which the little girl replied – then you ask him



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