The Day I Drank A Death Wish Coffee

The Coffee Shop – Haas Collective

Haas is a very trendy, very interesting Coffee Shop in Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.  This popular coffee shop is known for sourcing the finest beans from around the world. They also offer some more “exotic” coffees for the brave.

It was here at Haas that I was brave enough to drink my very first cup of Death Wish Coffee.

Lunch – A Bunny Chow

A friend and I decided to go to this well-known coffee shop in Cape Town for lunch. I was in the mood for a proper, truly South African Bunny Chow and Haas was just the place to get it.

A Bunny Chow is a hollowed out loaf of bread, which is normally filled with curry. In this case, it was filled with chicken curry and it was absolutely delicious.

The Coffee – A Death Wish Coffee

I normally order a cappuccino with my lunch, but Haas has so many different options that I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try something I have never tried before.

My waiter suggested I try one of their “exotic” coffees – a Death Wish Coffee. It sounded a bit daring, but I thought why not; let’s give it a try.

A Death Wish coffee is said to be one of the strongest coffees in the world. It comes from New York and has 200% more caffeine than a normal cup of coffee.

The coffee was really good, but I did feel like I was on a bit of a “buzz” afterwards, with my heart beating a little bit faster than normal, maybe because this wasn’t my first cup of coffee for the day.

Next Time – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

With my next visit to Haas, I want to try the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – Jamaican Blue Mountain is a delectably smooth coffee, shade grown on the misty slopes of the Jamaican mountains at an altitude of 1700m or higher and hand-picked to select only the most perfect beans.

If you love coffee make sure to visit Haas next time you are in Cape Town.


4 thoughts on “The Day I Drank A Death Wish Coffee

  1. People with hypertension or cardiovascular disease should give it a wide berth. I was in distress as a result of tachycardia caused by three cups of Monsoon Robusta, much less caffeine than Death Wish. Tachycardia can be fatal.

    Good coffee is made with the original Ethiopian Arabica beans.


    1. Sorry to hear that you went in distress. Yes, too much caffeine can definitely be dangerous.
      Thank you for the information about the Jamaican Blue Mountain, I didn’t know that.
      Have a wonderful day


    2. Please tell your friends as well. I had all the symptoms of a heart attack as well.

      There is a Blue Mountain coffee growers’ organisation that regulate the use of the name.

      NY doesn’t grow coffee but the beans are most likely Robusta sourced from the Americas.


  2. Jamaican Blue Mountain is good Arabica, grown between 1500-2500m on the slopes of the Blue Mountain in Jamaica. I once had a friend owning a coffee plantation there. All production is spoken for and all Blue Mountain coffee sold may not always be the real thing.


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