Over 100 Ways To Do Good & Be Kind

  1. Apologize first
  2. Ask “What can I do to make your day better”
  3. Always keep your word
  4. Adopt a pet from a shelter
  5. Answer the phone
  6. Bake something for someone else
  7. Be an athlete for Bibles with Open Doors
  8. Be kind to someone who annoys you
  9. Become an Organ Donor
  10. Become a Sea Rescue Volunteer
  11. Become a Volunteer or Help Raise Funds for Newkidz on the Block
  12. Become a TWD (That Was Different) Activist
  13. Befriend a stranger
  14. Buy a candy bar for the cashier
  15. Buy an inspirational book for someone
  16. Buy food from Luke’s Cafe in support of Huis Zonnekus
  17. Buy Three Avocado Coffee for Water
  18. Buy the Big Issue
  19. Become an Ocean Ambassador with Two Oceans Aquarium
  20. Become a Sunflower Volunteer and/or Register as a Stem Cell Donor
  21. Buy a box of cookies and offer them around to strangers
  22. Buy vegetables from community urban gardens
  23. Be patient with others
  24. Cheer up someone having a rough week
  25. Clean up after someone else
  26. Collect and Donate Bread Tags for Wheelchairs
  27. Compliment people (be genuine)
  28. Call a friend instead of sending a text
  29. Call your parents
  30. Clean the bathroom after everyone has used it
  31. Do a Charity Walk
  32. Do a Random Act of Kindness
  33. Donate a Baby Box
  34. Donate Books – Durbanville Kinderhuis
  35. Donate Blood
  36. Donate Clothes at a St Luke’s Hospice Charity Shop
  37. Donate Hair for Cancer
  38. Donate Magazines to a doctors/dentist office
  39. Drop off toys/towels at an animal shelter
  40. Donate to or Volunteer at Nazareth House
  41. Donate to a disaster fund
  42. Do not judge
  43. Dedicate a star to someone
  44. Feed a Homeless Person
  45. Finish a punch card and give it to someone else
  46. Forgive someone
  47. Find a Cause through ForGood to Volunteer at or Donate to
  48. Get a MySchoolCard
  49. Get Active for Bibles
  50. Get involved as a Kennel Volunteer at Tears
  51. Get my hands dirty at a Greenpop Nursery Day
  52. Give new parents a night off
  53. Give Back / Volunteer on Mandela Day
  54. Get involved in one of the projects at Jesus to my Rescue
  55. Give your mom the night off and offer the make dinner
  56. Give someone recognition on your blog or website who deserves it
  57. Give your partner/friend a back or foot massage
  58. Give a bottle of wine to your hairstylist/beautician, etc
  59. Help an Endangered/Injured Animal
  60. Hold the door open for a stranger
  61. Help a disabled person
  62. Help someone who wants to lose weight by being an exercise buddy
  63. Have a coffee at Brownies & Downies
  64. Have a magazine subscription sent to a friend’s / elderly persons house
  65. Invite someone to dinner
  66. Invite a neighbour over for scones and tea
  67. Join a Beach Cleanup
  68. Join the Bible a Month Club
  69. Join the Cows and help Support Children with Cancer
  70. Join The Gideons International in their quest to distribute Bible
  71. Knit Vests & Beanies for the preemies at Newborns Groote Schuur Trust
  72. Leave a nice note & generous tip for your waiter
  73. Leave an anonymous gift for someone you like
  74. Leave an anonymous gift for someone you dislike
  75. Leave change in a vending machine
  76. Let someone ahead of you in line
  77. Listen to someone who has a problem
  78. Let your partner/friend sleep in
  79. Leave some change at the coffee machine
  80. Let people through in traffic
  81. Let a debt go that someone owes
  82. Leave positive comments on someone else’s blog
  83. Leave positive comments on friends’ social media accounts
  84. Mail a birthday card
  85. Make a care package for someone in need
  86. Make someone a cup of tea
  87. Make someone else’s bed
  88. Make positive observations about people
  89. Offer to do a favour for a friend
  90. Order Aspire Coffee and help someone with a disability
  91. Offer to carry an elderly person’s grocery shopping
  92. Pay it Forward at Massimo in Houtbay
  93. Pick up some litter
  94. Plant trees at a Greenpop Reforest Festival
  95. Pledge a Birthday to support Charity Water
  96. Pledge to reduce plastic trash
  97. Pray for Bible SocietiesCompassion
  98. Put change into Someone’s Expired Meter
  99. Put together a care package for a pensioner
  100. Put your phone away
  101. Pay for a friend’s coffee
  102. Reach out to someone going through a tough time
  103. Reach out to someone who has inspired you
  104. Recycle
  105. Respond to emails, texts, and phone calls from friends and family
  106. Send a friendship card to someone
  107. Send an old friend a birthday message
  108. Send birthday cards to the elderly
  109. Send someone a surprise in the mail
  110. Show up even if you don’t want to
  111. Sponsor a Child 
  112. Support Cansa’s Shavathon
  113. Support Red Sock Friday
  114. Support Ster Kinekor’s Vision Mission
  115. Support the Sanitary Pads Campaign
  116. Support Vintage Coffee 
  117. Support a Funny Money Vendor
  118. Support I am Special Ministries
  119. Smile and greet everyone, even if they don’t smile back
  120. Say Thank You
  121. Show affection to your friends and family
  122. Say thank you when other drivers let you through
  123. Share herbs from your garden
  124. Share a good recipe
  125. Save water
  126. Support a new business
  127. Take ice-creams for the lifeguards
  128. Take gifts/flowers to an old age home
  129. Take part in the Santa Shoebox Project
  130. Teach a child to read with Help 2 Read
  131. Teach a child to swim
  132. Tell your parents that I love and appreciate them
  133. Talk to a homeless person
  134. Telephone a lonely person
  135. Teach your kids kindness
  136. Take the garbage out for a friend
  137. Treat a friend to dinner and/or a movie
  138. Tell your children that you love them
  139. Sit with your child in front of a mirror and help them say affirmations
  140. Volunteer at a Shelter
  141. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  142. Volunteer at SANCCOB
  143. Volunteer with Waves for Change
  144. Volunteer, Pray or Give at Living Hope
  145. Volunteer with Development Through Sport
  146. Volunteer with Badisa
  147. Volunteer with Align Ministries
  148. Walk a Dog for a Rescue Company
  149. Write and send a handwritten letter to someone
  150. Wear or use a gift they gave you in their presence.
  151. Write a thank you note to someone
  152. Write a referral for someone who you know is looking for a job
  153. Wash the dishes
  154. Support NOAH (Home, Health, and Happiness for Every Social Pensioner)
  155. Be a kind/patient driver
  156. Get involved (volunteer/donate) with Habitat for Humanity
  157. Join the Volunteer Wildfire Services
  158. Buy an Amy Biehl Relate ‘R’ Bracelet
  159. Get Involved / Pray for Global Education Ministries
  160. Get Involved / Volunteer at Steps (Clubfoot Support)
  161. “Adopt” an Elderly Resident at the Douglas Murray Home

A lot of the places mentioned above are based in South Africa, but there are so many more ways to do good and be kind all over the world. Most of them are so easy to do and you do not have to have money in order to do a good deed. The world has enough haters, let’s all do what we can to be a little bit kinder today and/or help someone less fortunate than us.

“Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large”
Shari Arison


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