Coffee Shop Review: Bootlegger Coffee Company

I have seen the Bootlegger Coffee Company all over Cape Town. They have shops in Bakoven, Cape Quarter, Century City, Green Point, Harrington, Kalkbay, Kenilworth, Muizenberg, Point Mall, Salt River, Sea Point, Three Anchor Bay, Tokai and a promise of more coming soon.

My family was visiting from Kimberley and we spent the day exploring Cape Town CBD and De Waterkant.

We found ourselves at Cape Quarter lunch time and was looking for somewhere to eat.  Cape Quarter in De Waterkant has some amazing restaurants to choose from but for some reason the Bootlegger Coffee Company attracted us the most and I’m glad it did.

The food was good and the coffee was great.

The Area

The Bootlegger Coffee Company in De Waterkant is situated in the Cape Quarter. The Cape Quarter offers a boutique shopping experience with over 100 unique stores and restaurants. They are open 7 days a week and have ample parking bays.

Interesting Information about Bootlegger Coffee Company?

Bootlegger Coffee Company was founded in 2012 by 3 best friends. Each store has a selected line from an AC/DC song hung on the wall in neon lights. At De Waterkant the sign was “Rocking All The Way”

The Outside

The store has seating inside and outside.  The outside forms part of a courtyard and it is a great spot to sit and do some “people-watching”.

The Inside

Inside, the store has a industrial kind of feel to it.  There are black and brown wooden tables with black chairs everywhere.  There were even a couple of soft black chairs and I could imagine myself sitting here for hours drinking my coffee and watching the people outside going by.  In the middle there was a long wooden table with wooden benches.

On the right site of the store was an area that almost looked like it could be use for meetings.  It had a long table with chairs all around it. It also had a door that could close the area off from the rest of the shop.

The Music

On this specific day I can’t remember hearing any music, which I didn’t mind. It was nice to be able to just back, relax and have a conversation with my family without having to compete with loud music.  There was also a lot of people working on their laptops, so who knows, one of them might even have requested that the music be turned down/off.

The Coffee

Bootlegger sources their coffee from a local agent.  They have their own blend. When I was there the blend was a combination of beans from Guatemala, Burundi and Costa Rica, but this might change a bit over time.

The blend displayed hints of toasted hazelnut, caramel and a subtle touch of dark chocolate.

The also roast their own coffee and people can get in touch with the Bootlegger Roastery if they are interested in seeing where and how it all gets done. (This is something I definitely still want to do.)

The Cup

It’s always interesting to see in which kind of cup or mug our coffee would be served in. I love it when a coffee shop can come up with something different.

My parents order Café Latte’s. Their latte’s came in normal drinking glasses, the kind you serve water or cold drinks in, something they weren’t quite use to. The expression on my dads face was so funny.

I ordered a cappuccino and received mine in a smallish black cup with saucer. There were no cookies served with any of the coffees.

The Food

The food was good. We all ordered burgers, except for one friend. I received a decent size, proper and well cooked patty on my burger. The only thing I would have liked was some sort of sauce on it., The burger was a little bit on the dry side, but still not bad at all.  The chips had a bit of a burn to it.

My friend ordered a Buddha bowl and even though it didn’t look like the bowls on Instagram. She commented that it was really good and that is what counts in the end, isn’t it?


All Bootlegger stores offer free WiFi. We were one the few tables that weren’t busy working on either our laptops or phones. Most of the other tables only had one or two people sitting at it, all busy on their laptops, making proper use of the free WiFi on offer.

Our Waiter

Our waiter was very friendly and the service was really good.

Is it Kid friendly?

My friend brought her one year old son with and we were glad when the waiter offered a comfortable baby chair for him to sit in.  This store is also a good spot if you have children that are a little bit older. The courtyard is a great traffic free place for them to explore. Here you can drink your coffee while still being able to keep an eye on them.

Address and Hours

Address: Shop 45, The Cape Quarter, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town
Telephone: 021 421 1237

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 7h00 – 18h30 & Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 8h00 – 17h00

Overall Experience

I enjoyed my coffee and lunch at Bootleggers Coffee Company. I will definitely be visiting some of their other shops around Cape Town too, as well as their Roastery.

Mom and Dad at Bootlegger
Mom and Dad at Bootlegger

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