12 Wine Estates Worth Visiting in Durbanville

1. Altydgedacht Wine Estate

Altydgedacht Estate is a family farm, established in 1698, making it one of the oldest farms in the country.

The estate has a relaxed farm feel and the wine tasting is presented in the original 300-year-old cellar.

Their Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage have both won many awards, as well as their MCC, which has won producer of the year.

The wine estate is child-friendly. They have jungle gyms and swings as well as an open play area. They also offer a kiddies menu at their restaurant.

The food at their restaurant, Eat at Altydgedacht is really good, especially the chicken pie and springbok pie. Their burgers are also definitely worth trying.

Altydgedacht offers vineyard and game reserve tours with the owner where you get to learn about the grape production process and sample the grapes – it also includes a wine tasting.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – 021 976 1295, info@altydgedacht.co.za / Restaurant – 021 975 7815, eat@altydgedacht.co.za

2. Bloemendal Wine Estate

Bloemendal Wine Estate is a boutique wine farm that concentrates on the noble cultivars.

Their restaurant Bon Amis offers an a la carte menu as well as set menus if you are a group of 16 people or more.  A must try is the Gazebo picnic.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – 021 975 9591, info@bloemendalwines.co.za / Restaurant – 021 976 2682, info@bonamis.co.za

3. D’Aria Vineyards

D’Aria Vineyards comprises of two wine farms, namely Doordekraal and Springfield. Their brand name – Terra D’Aria 1698 D’Urbanville wines “seek to awaken the senses and allow all who follow their hearts to see, to smell, to touch, to taste, to hear, to feel, to be, to love…”

The restaurant at D’Aria, called Poplars offer up a unique bistro/grill menu, with modern European influences. They change their menu quarterly, making sure that they use as much locally sourced seasonal produce as possible.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – 021 801 6772, tasting@daria.co.za / Restaurant – 021175 5718, poplars@mantellagroup. co.za

4. De Grendel Wine Estate

De Grendel Wine Estate offers spectacular views of Table Mountain, the city of Cape Town as well as the seaboard.

The restaurant at De Grendel is open from Tuesday to Saturday. For lunch, they offer an A la Carte menu and for dinner, they offer a set menu.

There are two wine tasting options – Premium Wine Tasting and Flagship Wine Tasting.

De Grendel also offers Cellar Tours every weekday at 11h00 and 15h00. The cellar tour includes a tasting of 3 wines and a guided tour through the cellar.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 021 558 6280, tasting@degrendel.co.za / Restaurant – Email: restaurant@degrendel.co.za

5. Diemersdal Wine Estate

Six generations of winemakers with one passion have made fine wines at the Diemersdal Wine Estate since the 1800’s.

Diemersdal is renowned for its award-winning range of red and white wines enjoyed locally and exported to the far corners of the globe.

At their restaurant, Diemersdal Farm Eatery you can enjoy the flavours of the countryside and a relaxing farm ambiance in an old stable.  The herbs used in this restaurant, as well as some of the vegetables, are from the kitchen garden. The preserves and pickles are home-made and the bread freshly baked.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 021 976 3361, Email: tastingroom@diemersdal.co.za / Restaurant –  restaurant@diemersdal. co.za

6. Durbanville Hills

Durbanville Hills is a state-of-the-art winery that looks out over Robben Island and Table Mountain.

The menu at Durbanville Hills Restaurant is simple, unpretentious yet sophisticated. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner on selected evenings.

Durbanville Hills offers some interesting wine tasting options: The Crystal Tasting is a selection of eight wines including a souvenir crystal glass; The Chocolate and Wine Pairing is a selection of five wines paired with five artisan chocolates; The Biltong and Wine Pairing is a selection of five wines paired with five types of biltong.

Contact Details: Tasting Room – Tel: 021 558 1300, Email: info@durbanvillehills.co.za / Restaurant – Tel: 021 558 1300, Email: info@durbanvillehills.co.za

7. Hillcrest Wine Estate

Hillcrest Estate is a boutique winery nestled in the Tygerberg Hills in Durbanville.

Their Flagship wine range includes Atlantic Slopes, Quarry, and their infamous award-winning Hornfels. Their single vineyard cultivar range includes Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot and the Hillcrest House range comprise of Rosé, Dry Red, Robbenzicht and Sauvignon Blanc.

Hillcrest Estate is well known for their olives. The olive orchards were established in 1993 and since then Hillcrest has yielded award-winning olives and olive oils. Their range includes Green, Black Mission, and Kalamata Olives.

Hillcrest Estate has also latched onto the craft beer phenomenon and has developed a microbrewery with a rustic outdoor beer garden. The brand, Granite Rock, is available on tap.

The restaurant at Hillcrest is relaxed and informal with an upmarket flare. The lawn is popular for families with children. Their food style is Tuscan and Mediterranean, but they like to adhere to their South African roots.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 021 970 5800, Email: info@hillcrestfarm.co.za / Restaurant – Tel: 021 975 2346, Email: restaurant@hillcrestfarm.co.za

8. Klein Roosboom Wine Estate

Klein Roosboom is a family owned farm that stands guard at the coastal entrance of the valley in the Durbanville wine valley.

Their wine tasting room is open from Tuesday to Sunday.  With the wine tasting, you can order delicious Cheese & Charcuterie Platters.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 060 877 2678, Email: info@kleinroosboom.co.za

9. Meerendal Wine Estate

Meerendal was one of the first 14 farms to be awarded wine estate status when the Wine of Origin legislation was introduced in 1993.

Wine tastings are held in their cellar, and weather permitting, wine can be enjoyed outside on the verandah with panoramic views of the vineyards and the Boland mountains.

At their deli, you can enjoy a coffee and some food and snacks or have healthy farm breakfasts, lunch or dinner at their Crown Restaurant and Wine Bar.

There is also a chapel at Meerendal and their beautifully restored Manor House is a luxury boutique hotel.

The Meerendal Estate is well known for its extensive network of trails and provides the ideal location for mountain biking, trail running, walking and other recreational activities.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 082 699 4380, Email: tasting@meerendal.co.za / Restaurant – Tel: 021 975 0383, Email: info@crownrestaurant.co.za / Deli – Tel: 021 612 0015, Email: brendan@carlucci.co.za

10. Nitida Wine Estate

Nitida is the smallest farm in the Durbanville Wine Valley. Nitida is a family owned and managed farm. Nitida, means ‘healthy, refined and cultured” – an apt description for their wines.

There are 2 restaurants on the farm – Cassia and Tables at Nitida. Tables at Nitida have a huge lawn area, equipped with a jungle gym surrounding the restaurant.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 021 976 1467, Email: info@nitida.co.za / Restaurant – Cassia – Tel: 021 976 0640, Email: info@cassiarestaurant.co.za / Restaurant – Tables@Nitida – Tel: 021 975 9357, Email: tables.nitida@gmail.com

11. Phizante Kraal Wines

The Brink family has been running Phizante Kraal Wines since 1897, as a working farm with the majority of it being cattle, sheep, and grain. In 2005 they fulfilled their lifelong dream and launched the family flagship brand, Phizante Kraal Wine.

At Phizante Kraal you can enjoy delicious cheese and charcuterie platters while sipping their wine and enjoying the views across the vineyards and farmlands.

The old stable houses the recently rehabilitated restaurant with the original stone floor and wooden mangers. Their seasonal menu features a combination of contemporary country style and traditional cooking.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 021 825 0060, Email: wines@phizantekraal.co.za / Restaurant – Tel: 021 825 0080 , Email: venue@phizantekraal.co.za

12. Signal Gun Wine Estate

Signal Gun is owned by the 5th generation De Wit Family who prides themselves in making small quantities of fine wine from carefully selected grapes. MJ de Wit, their first winemaker, started making the Signal Gun wines in 2006 as a hobby which over the years had developed into an award-winning range of wines.

On the 1st Saturday of each month at 12 pm, they fire a 300-year-old cannon.

Signal Gun offers Beer Tasting, Beer & Biltong Pairing, Wine Tasting, Wine & Chocolate Pairing, and Wine & Turkish Delight Pairing.  Their restaurant is named Ke-Monate which is a Sotho word meaning ‘dis lekker’ or ‘that’s nice’. Pizza and wine pairing is an all-time favourite at the Restaurant.

Contact Details – Tasting Room – Tel: 021 976 7343, Email: tasting@signalgun.com / Restaurant – Tel: 021 976 7343, Email: functions@signalgun.com

Please note that most wine estates change their wine tasting experiences from time to time and even though I try to keep the information as up to date as possible, I can not guarantee that it will always be 100% correct.


6 thoughts on “12 Wine Estates Worth Visiting in Durbanville

    1. Durbanville Hills is a really great wine estate. The views from the estate are pretty spectacular and I love their chocolate and wine pairing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Absolutely! Funnily enough, the last time I was there I had my tasting paid for by another patron. I was there with a friend who has a disability & we parked in the disabled people’s parking for his convenience. However, we still are both young guys. This woman saw us & thought we were just being inconsiderate & she went off at us – shouting & swearing & reported us to the manager. Then she realized & as an apology paid our bill😂😂


    3. Definitely not nice being shouted and swore at especially when you are innocent. Glad she made up for it by paying for your bill


  1. I love the Wine Estates in Durbanville. Been to all except for Phizantekraal but it is on my list. The people at Altydgedacht, Klein Roosboom and Ntidida are really nice and the service at Durbanville Hills, Signal Gun, D’Aria and Diemersdal was very good, but we didn’t get any service at Meerendal or Hillcrest the last time we were there, so that was a bit disappointing. At Bloemendal I was served a cup of coffee that tasted like it had salt in it – apparently they forgot to rinse the coffee pot properly after cleaning it and before adding coffee to it so I wouldn’t recommend the coffee at Bloemendal 🙂


    1. Salted coffee is never nice, and finding out that it was because the pot was not properly rinsed out – even worse. Hope you got a new freshly made cup of coffee on the house after that experience. Sorry to hear about the bad service at Hillcrest and Meerendal. Hope you get to tick Phizante Kraal of your list soon. 🙂


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