Jaco Kruger – Magnanimous Man

When I asked Jaco why he decided on the name Magnanimous man, his answer was short and simple – It is the way he tries to live his life – it is a philosophical way of living, being good-hearted in all situations in a crazy, greedy society”

Jaco moved from Bloemfontein to Illovu beach, Kingsburgh a couple of years ago for three reasons – Good Surf, Country Vibe, and Warm Weather.

His most valued material possession is without a doubt his guitar.  He also plays harmonica and drums.

Jaco was about 16 years old when he started playing. He has always been very into music and the dynamics of it. The first song he ever learned to play was Nirvana – Come as you are.

His dad’s side of the family all play instruments and they were once all part of a family classical band.

Jaco-playing-guitar-300x300Jaco loves all good music, it does not matter the type or the language. He does, however, have a couple of musicians that he really admires, namely Jack Johnson, Dan Patlansky, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. He says he admires them for their songwriting, the truth and the passion they deliver.

Performing is a full-time job for Jaco and a typical day for him includes working on songs and then going hunting down the coast for some good waves. In the beginning, when he just started out, he used to practice a lot, but now his shows have become a second nature and he tries to focus more on his material.

Jaco has opened shows for a couple of well renowned South African artists and he plays in a lot of pubs, bars and at functions all around the Durban area. He hopes to work his Jaco-surfing-282x300way up to playing at festivals.

Jaco’s other big passion is surfing – he says it clears his mind and keeps his body and spirit healthy.

If you would like to find out more about Jaco please visit his facebook page – Magnanimous Man Music


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