Janez Ruiters – “A Scissor Happy Mom”

Janez: “I’m a scissor happy mom with two interracial kids.”

My Greatest Challenge:

I am a recovering drug (tik) addict and have been clean for 8 years. It was a tough road and is an ongoing battle, but by Gods grace and mercy I got through it.

Scariest Thing That Has Happened to Me:

A lot of scary things have happened to me, all due to my own doing, but if I have to single one out it would be, going to jail for a year in 2010. That first week I was scared out of my mind.

I’m Most Grateful For…Janez husband

My husband, Raymond. He completes me and understands me better than even my mother. He is an awesome, handsome dad and calms our whole household. I still feel like a silly school girl in love with him in my life. I am also grateful for my parents. They live with us and it is a privilege and honour for me to get to spend so much time with them every day.

My Proudest Moments:

I had my kids almost seven and a half years apart and on both occasions, they were the best things that ever happened to me.

An Average Day in My Life:

I am an early riser. I spoil my husband and kids every morning with coffee and breakfast in bed and then it is off to work. I am a hairstylist and love my job.

People Inspire Me:

People inspire me with their experiences and I love being loved – who doesn’t love their stylist?

I’m Passionate About:

I’m passionate about Paul in the Bible. Paul was the “underdog” of biblical times and yet God loved and used him. God shows grace in the biggest form and can open any of our prison doors.

I’m Happiest…

Hearing my children laugh. Seeing my parents content while I am holding on to my husband’s hand.

Lately, I’ve Been Thinking…

I love my country and the negativity about South Africa really gets to me. The race card is getting old and we have so much to be grateful for. We have freedom of religion and can praise an awesome God without fear of prosecution. We don’t have major natural disasters, like in other countries. We have a lot of minerals, food, drinkable water, to name but a few. I know in my heart and from Gods Word that the tongue has extreme power. Why can’t we speak life instead of mayhem and negative thons over our country? I can’t change South Africa, but I can make a difference in the people around me, one by one, one day at a time.

I Believe…

I believe in the Trinity of God – Jesus for Saviour and Grace, the Holy Spirit for Friendship and Guidance and God for Love.


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