Why You Must Visit The Spice Route in Paarl

There are many (delicious) reasons why you should visit the Spice Route in Paarl.  We went to the Spice Route and this is what we experienced while we were there.

The Barley & Biltong Emporium

We started our Spice Route “adventure” at the Barley & Biltong Emporium. Barley & Biltong is a beer garden, serving CBC beer, mouth-watering food (their gourmet burgers and hand cut double-fried chips are amazing) and of course my favourite a delicious biltong platter.

Spice Route 01

Spice Route 02

Spice Route 03

The Cape Brewery Company

Next to Barley & Biltong is the Cape Brewery Company, also known as CBC. Here they produce a wide range of beers. Inside the facility, we could follow the entire beer production process and afterward enjoy a beer tasting at one of the beer tasting stations.

Spice Route 1

Spice Route 2

Spice Route 3

Bean to Bar

One of my favourite stops was at Bean to Bar where DV Artisan Chocolate is crafted by the De Villiers family.  Bean to Bar is one of few micro-batch chocolate makers in the world. The best part of visiting Bean to Bar is the fact that you can do a chocolate tasting.

Spice Route 4

Spice Route 5

Spice Route 6

Coffee Roastery

After the chocolate tasting, it was time for a quick coffee at the Coffee Roastery. They also sell hand-made ice cream here.

Spice Route 7

Spice Route 8

Spice Route 9

Beautiful Gardens

By now we didn’t have space for anything else, so we just took a stroll through the beautiful gardens.

Spice Route 13

Spice Route 15

Red Hot Glass

We popped into Red Hot Glass. Red Hot Glass is one of the very few Venetian-style glassblowing studios in South Africa. Each piece is unique. We were lucky enough to see them make one of these unique pieces.

Glass Blowing


Spice Route 10

There is so much more to do, see and taste at Spice Route but we will have to go back for this.  Other must do’s and see’s include:

Bertus Basson at Spice Route

Bertus Basson at Spice Route is a restaurant with magnificent views (just like almost all the other venues at Spice Route). The menu is made up of traditional South African favourites like bobotie, cremora tart and “Tannie Hetta’s” apple pie. They now also offer “picnics” that can be enjoyed on the lawn – something I definitely want to go back for. Just pop into the restaurant and help yourself at the ‘Pak-’n-Mandjie’ section to some artisanal meats, delicious baked goods and more.

Spice Route 11

Richard Bosman’s Quality Cured Meats

Here you can find exceptional Italian and Spanish style charcuterie They have a philosophy of interfering as little as possible with the meat. The meat is hand-salted, hung and cured for 2 – 12 months, resulting in delicious, artisanal fare that’s well worth the wait.

Wine Tasting

Enjoy wines like Chakalaka and Malabar from the Swartland region right here at Spice Route in a rustic underground tasting room, or outside under the pergola

The Trading Company

The store primarily stocks authentically handmade, limited edition pieces crafted by local artists. Most of the products are made from natural and raw materials. All décor used in the store is also handmade locally or up-cycled by local artists.

Brenda’s Deli

Now how can this not be a wonderful place with a name like that 🙂 Fresh product, natural ingredients and unique combinations make the treats at Brenda’s Deli as distinct as they are delicious. I love her mixed spices and balsamic vinegar.

La Grapperia

Here you can enjoy a selection of wood-fired, thin base Pizza, Flammkuchen, and Tapas with a glass of Wine on Tap. This restaurant always looks so inviting and it is another place I will definitely have to go back to.

Spice Route 12

Every time we go back to Spice Route there is something new and exciting added to the list of things to do and see, so we never get tired of visiting the Spice Route. I can’t wait to go back again.


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