Over 100 Ways To Do Good & Be Kind

Apologize first Ask “What can I do to make your day better” Always keep your word Adopt a pet from a shelter Answer the phone Bake something for someone else Be an athlete for Bibles with Open Doors Be kind to someone who annoys you Become an Organ Donor Become a Sea Rescue Volunteer Become a Volunteer or... Continue Reading →


The First Time I Went Skydiving

My first Skydive Adventure took place many years ago. I was still living in Kimberley at the time. On weekends I use to always hear a small plane fly over our house, then the engines would go silent. I’d looked up and most of the time I could see people jump out of the plane.... Continue Reading →

Dogs Are A (Wo)mens Best Friend

  Growing up I always had a pet, it was normally a dog or two but every now and again my mom would show up with an animal that she rescued or got from someone else. She loves animals and I’m surprised she has never thought of buying a big plot where she could keep... Continue Reading →

The First Time I Ate an Espetada

A friend and I were doing a roadtrip from Cape Town to East London and one of our stops on the roadtrip was in the beautiful coastal town, Plettenberg Bay, or Plett as most South Africans call it. We decided to spend the night. After booking into a hotel we drove around looking for a restaurant... Continue Reading →

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