Adele Thanasoulis: “I Got Married in Vegas Through a Drive-Thru”

I started off as a young naive, adventurous girl from Cape Town, South Africa who wanted to see the world! I decided to become an Au-Pair in America. My first adventure took me to New York. I lived there for about 13 months and then decided to go to London seeking more adventure! I ended... Continue Reading →


Anthea Hughes & Her Horse Dixie

Anthea: "Life as I know it really started in the small West Coast town of Saldanha, where my brother and I grew up in a loving, happy home with our parents. We spent weekends in the beach buggy riding over the dunes or playing in the rock pools catching fish while our dad was diving... Continue Reading →

Jaco Kruger – Magnanimous Man

When I asked Jaco why he decided on the name Magnanimous man, his answer was short and simple – It is the way he tries to live his life – it is a philosophical way of living, being good-hearted in all situations in a crazy, greedy society” Jaco moved from Bloemfontein to Illovu beach, Kingsburgh... Continue Reading →

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